Dorset Wild Flower Seeds

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  • Packets of wild flower seeds, harvested from an organic farm in West Dorset. Go on -  ‘spread the wild’!

    Each pack is a mini meadow just waiting to burst into flower. 2 m2 of native wild flowers, including annuals and perennials such as poppies, cornflowers, ox eye daisies, and so much more. 

    You can add wild flowers to your lawn, a dedicated section of your garden, in raised beds, window boxes, plant pots or allotments. All the seeds need are sunlight, and poor soil - so if your’s is nutrient-rich you may need to remove the top 3-6 inches of topsoil for the best results. Then simply follow the instructions on the pack: rip it open, scatter the seeds, and watch them wild!

    Dimensions (of packet): 125 x 90 mm
    Weight: Approx 10g
    Best sown onto open ground so the flowers don't need to compete with grass

    HOW TO:

    Spring and autumn are the times to sow. Seeds scattered in autumn will start to bloom in spring, whilst spring scatters will start to grow by late summer, with the main bloom happening the following spring. In the first year, cut your meadow in midsummer, leaving cuttings on the ground for a day or two to let any seeds drop back into the meadow before removing the cuttings. After that, simply sit back and watch the wild life thrive in the brand new habitat you’ve created.


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