Hannah Nunn

Hannah Nunn

Beautiful Lamps & Tealight Covers With Cut-out Designs

The inspiration for Hannah’s lamps began when she made paper cut greetings cards for Harrods and Libertys. Holding these up to the light to see the silhouette inspired her to start making her beautiful range of lamps.

They are made from paper with laser cut designs, and feature a variety of british plants and wildlife, with delicate seedheads being a particularly recurrent theme. The textured parchment paper (which is laminated for strength and durability), creates a beautiful soft glow, which is brighter through the cut-out sections. We found Hannah’s range during our initial set-up -- they sum up our style and ethos perfectly, and have been very popular with our customers too. 

This business makes regular donations to The Woodland Trust, Plantlife's Cluster Meadows project and to Tinderwood Trust, Hannah’s local forest school. 


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