Rachel Dein, Tactile Studio

Rachel Dein, Tactile Studio

Hand Cast Wall Plaques in Porcelain & Portland Cement

Stunning porcelain and concrete plaques featuring real plants and flowers, hand-cast in porcelain. These can be wall hung, or propped on a shelf or mantlepiece.

Some of these same designs are (again) hand-cast in Portland Cement, which makes for an ultra-durable version, suitable for hanging in the garden or conservatory. These are also ideal for steamy kitchens and bathrooms.

Sometimes Rachel uses pigmented washes to hand colour the background or foreground of her plaster creations creating a ‘Wedgewood’ effect.

Rachel was the originator of this technique, many years ago, and was recently featured on the TV show Countryfile. We were the first gallery to permanently stock her work and it is always hugely popular.

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