Eco & Ethics Policy

With a name like Seasons Green, we do try to be... well... GREEN!

We celebrate the natural world, and do what we can to sustain it.  We are also passionate about supporting people, and work with many small independent makers, as well as companies that are fair trade.
We are constantly working towards:
Running an Environmentally Responsible Business


  • We don't usually include a paper invoice in your parcel - but we are happy to include one if you wish (there is space for this in the 'comments' box during check out).
  • We recycle everything we can
  • We reuse within the shop (as much as possible) the packaging materials our suppliers send (although we make sure your parcels to look nice when they arrive!)
  • We strive to run a paperless office
  • We try to reduce supplier packaging by either choosing the most eco-friendly option and/or  reporting back when we feel items are over-packaged
  • All our light bulbs are LED
  • Our packaging is predominantly kraft paper or card, and is recycled and recyclable wherever possible
Choosing Green Products - we won't pretend to be an eco-shop, but we do try!


  • Where possible we choose products made in Corfe Castle, Purbeck, Dorset, The South West, UK to support people in our community and to reduce 'product miles'

  • We order as large a quantity as we can at once to reduce the number of deliveries made

  • Where possible we look for products made from sustainable materials

  • We stock products to help you reduce your waste -- such as wax food wraps 

  • And products to help you live greener lives and encourage a love of nature

  • We try and choose items which are not tested on animals and which are made of natural ingredients

  • Where possible we stock products made adhering to the principles of fair trade

We aren't perfect and not everything we stock fits this criteria.  Certain products just aren't manufactured in the UK, for example fairy lights or garden tools.  We do sell some ranges that are made abroad, but the majority of our shop is very proudly made in the UK.