Dipped Ceramic Pot & Saucer Set

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  • A lovely plant pot and saucer, in a selection of colour options, with a triple dip glazing process making each pot unique.

    Your houseplants and succulents will feel at home inside the pot, and your planter will feel at home inside your space.

    Product Details

    • Material: Ceramic
    • Dimensions: 3” diameter, 3” tall
    • Finish: Fully Glazed
    • Cleaning: warm soapy water
    • Indoor pot and saucer


    • Good size drainage hole and detachable saucer
    • Perfect for mini succulents, cactus, fresh herbs
    • Vibrant colours and unique glazes
    • Sit lovely in a window sill, home office, excellent gift idea
    • Pairs well with String of Pearls, Pilea Baby Tears, Prayer Plant


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